All Occasion Assassins Bundle Leaked in v24.40

All Occasion Assassins Bundle Leaked in v24.40

A new ‘All Occasion Assassins’ Bundle has been discovered in the files following Fortnite’s v24.40 update earlier this week.

The new Bundle contains a collection of Assassin Outfits and their matching Back Blings. Players who purchase the set will receive the following cosmetics:

  • Astro Assassin Outfit
  • Arctic Assassin Outfit
  • Aerobic Assassin Outfit
  • Athleisure Assassin Outfit
  • Spartan Assassin Outfit
  • Haute Holster Back Bling
  • Back Plate Back Bling
  • Cryo Hops Back Bling

Purchasing all of the items separately currently costs 6,200 V-Bucks, so the Bundle will be priced anywhere below that. Players who already own items from the Bundle will receive a discount relative to the value of each owned cosmetic. The release date is currently unknown. We’ll keep you updated.

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Fortnite players are being given an exciting new update as the All Occasion Assassins Bundle has been leaked in v24.40 of the game.

The bundle includes two brand-new skins that are exclusive to the package as well as a large variety of challenges, gliders, pickaxes, back blings, and more. The Bundle, which is now available in the Fortnite store, will cost players 2,000 vouchers and has a total of 33 items.

The two exclusive skins, Assassin Rico and Assassin Yana, feature unique new looks that set them apart from the traditional skins in the game. Both of these characters also come with their own back bling — the Assassin Sticker — which is stylish and eye-catching, and sure to add to the player’s style.

In addition to the exclusive skins, the Bundle also includes a number of exclusive gliders, pickaxes, and more. These are ‘Catalyst’ (glider) and ‘Tactical Claw’ (pickaxe). As with the skins, these pieces of equipment are sure to make a statement when used in the game.

Players can also take on exclusive challenges that, once completed, will unlock a variety of rewards to add to their arsenal. The rewards include V-Bucks, XP boosts, and many more.

The All Occasion Assassins Bundle is sure to excite Fortnite players, who will now be able to show off their style in the game even more. With the high-quality items contained in the bundle, players are sure to stand out in the game and make a statement!

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