Alone in the Dark release date, playable prologue, and plot details

Alone in the Dark release date, playable prologue, and plot details

Perhaps the biggest surprise reveal of THQ Nordic’s Showcase in August 2022 was the return of survival horror elder statesman, Alone in the Dark. THQ Nordic is reviving the classic series with a brand new game, said to be a ‘love letter’ to the original point and click trilogy. With some veterans of the genre behind it, the reimagining is sure to be one to keep an eye on.

So here’s everything we know about the new Alone in the Dark so far.

Alone in the Dark – latest news, playable prologue

At Gamescom, we initially received news that the game would get a playable prologue to let players get a hands-on feel for its story. You’ll play as a third character, Grace, exploring the mansion before Edward and Emily.

Now, according to THQ Nordic, the prologue starring Grace Saunders is finally available on all compatible platforms. Throughout the short preview, you’ll be playing as her while she walks “around Derceto trying to post a letter.” The prologue fully showcases Alone in the Dark’s eerie atmosphere and mood. It also essentially gives you an idea of its plot so you won’t want to miss it.

Alone in the Dark release date

The Alone in the Dark release date is currently slated for October 25, 2023. It will only be playable on current gen consoles including the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and the PC so you may need to upgrade if you haven’t done so yet.

Despite a fairly fleshed out reveal, and a promise of a playable build at Gamescom back in 2022, THQ Nordic was initially very coy about a release date. Fortunately, the developer’s in-depth Alone in the Dark showcase has shed more light on this thrilling tale that stars David Harbour and Jodie Comer.

Alone in the Dark – plot and gameplay details

Alone in the Dark, we’re told, will be a reimagining of the first three games in the original series. Set in the 1920’s, you’ll be returning to Derceto Manor just as with the original 1992 release. You’ll also play as that game’s two protagonists: Edward Carnaby and Emily Hartwood.

However, we’re teased “a completely original story” that’ll incorporate “characters, places and themes” from all three games in the original 90s trilogy. So don’t assume prior knowledge will spoil anything for you.

The pair are investigating the disappearance of Emily’s uncle. He’s gone missing in the manor, where something evil lurks. We’re told both plots will cross, with unique parts to both character’s stories. The game will also take an over-the-shoulder perspective, similar to the recent Resident Evil 2 remake.

There’s also some horror experts on the game’s development team. They include Mikael Hedberg, the writer of SOMA and Amnesia. The team’s even recruited Guy Davies to design the game’s monsters. He’s previously collaborated with horror legend, Guillermo del Toro.

On Saturday, it was teased by Ubisoft that the release date for their horror-action title “Alone in the Dark Illumination” had been scheduled for June 24th. The game will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, and will come with a playable prologue and some exciting plot details.

Set in the abandoned and decrepit town of Lorwich, Virginia, players take on the role of one of four characters with unique abilities as they help fend off the mysterious evil force known as The Darkness. Players must workalone or together in co-op mode to battle the many enemies they encounter as they uncover and explore the secrets of Lorwich.

The playable prologue will pit players against the terrifying darkness and its minions in order to unlock essential secrets of Lorwich. Key features of the prologue include puzzles, exploration and combat in an atmospheric horror setting.

Of course, players will also be able to take part in a variety of missions and challenges throughout the game, from collecting artifacts to exploring forgotten gothic cathedrals. Furthermore, fans of the series will be thrilled to find that the original protagonist,Edward Carnby, will return to the franchise with his own unique set of supernatural abilities.

The game promises to be an exciting and, at times, terrifying adventure as players uncover the mystery of Lorwich and battle The Darkness. With the release date set for June 24th, fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on this highly anticipated horror title.

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