Tales From The Borderlands 2

An ‘all new’ Tales from the Borderlands has been confirmed by Gearbox & is coming later this year

Gearbox Software has confirmed that an ‘all new’ Tales from the Borderlands adventure is on the way later this year.

CEO Randy Pitchford made the announcement during the Gearbox presentation at PAX East last night (at 5:30:35 here). Pitchford didn’t reveal too many details about the project just yet, except for a couple of major changes. 2K Games are publishing the follow-up, while the game will be developed by Gearbox themselves and will release this year.

It also sounds like we won’t be returning to the first game’s main characters of Rhys and Fiona. Pitchford said that the story will focus on “all new characters and stories set in the Borderlands universe”. A full announcement will be made with all the details, Pitchford promised, this summer.

The first Tales from the Borderlands came from adventure studio Telltale Games back in 2014. Set after the events of Borderlands 2, the episodic adventure focused on two main characters. Con-artist Fiona and company man Rhys are thrown together chasing a vault key after a heist goes wrong. The first game was recently returned to digital stores by Gearbox last February.

It’ll be interesting to see how an exclusively Gearbox-made adventure will turn out. We’ll find out more about the new Tales from the Borderlands this summer.

Tales From The Borderlands

on iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Gearbox teams up with Telltale for an episodic twist on the shooter-looter.

Release Date:

25 November 2014

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