Chapter 4 Season 3 Key Art Leaked, Shows Optimus Prime Outfit

Chapter 4 Season 3 Key Art Leaked, Shows Optimus Prime Outfit

An anonymous Reddit user has shared an image of what appears to be the upcoming Key Art for Chapter 4, Season 3 of Fortnite.

Although it’s currently unconfirmed if the image is real, the high quality of each Outfit featured in the render has lead many to believe this is our first look at the new Season. The image reveals that Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise will be available as an Outfit in Season 3, most likely in the Battle Pass. The leak also appears to show a character riding a Raptor – confirming the rumours that suggested we could see this feature introduced soon.

According to the Reddit user, the two Outfits that have been cropped out of image are from recent surveys sent out by Epic. Both are expected to be included in the Battle Pass alongside Optimus Prime and the unknown explorer character.

A number of new weapons can be seen in the leaked image, including one that could be the Throwable Axe, which was rumoured to be coming to Fortnite with Chapter 3’s release. A new Kinetic Blade-like weapon can also be seen being held by the character riding the Raptor. It features the same purple glow as the Shockwave Hammer and Kinetic Blade, so will most likely be Season 3’s ‘chaos item’.

Fortnite’s official teasers for Season 3 are expected to be shared at any point before the June 10th release date. These teasers could be used to confirm if the leaked image is real or not, depending on what they contain. As always, we’ll keep you updated.

Source: Reddit

In other news, the first official Season 3 image has been leaked by Nintendo.

The long awaited season 3 of Chapter 4 is finally here! Fans have been eagerly anticipating this new season, and now they are one step closer, as the key art for the season has been leaked. In the image, we can see a group of characters with Optimus Prime as the center point, sporting an impressive new Outfit.

The team, which consists of Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and more, is featured alongside Optimus Prime, who is adorned in a sleek black and silver armor. It looks like the new season will include a lot of flashy action sequences, as evidenced by the prominent weaponry of the characters in the photo.

The leaked key art gives fans a good idea of what the new season has in store. Transformers fans have been eagerly awaiting this new season, and it looks like they won’t be disappointed. Optimus Prime’s new outfit looks promising and will undoubtedly set the stage for an exciting season of Chapter 4.

It is unclear when Chapter 4 Season 3 will be released, but fans are certainly looking forward to it. With the key art being leaked, it looks like the new season is coming sooner than expected, and it seems certain to bring some thrilling action to the small screen. Until then, fans can look forward to this new image to hold them over, as they await the highly anticipated season 3 of Chapter 4.

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