Courageous Era Bundle Leaked in v24.40

Courageous Era Bundle Leaked in v24.40

A new ‘Courageous Era’ Bundle has been discovered in the files following Fortnite’s v24.40 update last week.

The new Bundle contains eight cosmetics from the existing Courageous Era set. Players who purchase the Bundle will receive the following cosmetics:

  • Antheia Outfit
  • Morro Outfit
  • Hunting Song Pickaxe
  • Destiny’s Edge Pickaxe
  • Dawn’s Promise Glider
  • Illustrated Wrap
  • Steelfeather Shield Back Bling
  • Vanquisher’s Oath Back Bling

Purchasing all of the set’s items currently costs 5,200 V-Bucks, so the Bundle will be priced anywhere below that. Players who already own items from the set will receive a discount relative to the value of each owned cosmetic. The Bundle will be available in the ‘Featured’ section of the Item Shop on May 25, 2023.

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Today, The Courageous Era Bundle was leaked in v24.40 of the popular game Fortnite. The bundle includes several new cosmetic items, such as a new Outfit, a Back Bling, two Pickaxes, and Two Emotes.

The bundle’s Outfit is called Devastator, and it comes in Epic and Legendary variants. Both variants feature a military-style look with heavy boots and a grey-and-black outfit with spikes and yellow-orange highlights. The Outfit comes with an associated Back Bling called the Outrager, which has a similar color scheme and military-style look.

The bundle also includes two Pickaxes called Berserk and Adamant. They also have the same grey-and-black color scheme and military-style look of the rest of the bundle’s items.

The Courageous Era Bundle comes with two Emotes as well. One is called Fight or Flee and the other is called Wolfsstand. The former is an animation involving a tug-of-war between two characters. The latter is, as you might expect, a stance taken up by a howling wolf.

Because this is a leaked bundle, there is no official release date or pricing information at this time. However, it is likely to be released soon, as leaks in the past have tended to be released shortly after.

The Courageous Era Bundle is sure to be a hit with fans of Fortnite, and it looks like it will be full of some interesting cosmetics to add to your collection. Keep your eyes peeled for when it’s released officially.

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