Cyber-ninja slasher Ghostrunner 2 debuts first trailer and a speedy new motorbike

Cyber-ninja slasher Ghostrunner 2 debuts first trailer and a speedy new motorbike

Ghostrunner’s mix of wall-running and ninja-slashing made enough of a splash to warrant a sequel. Ghostrunner 2 was first teased two years ago, but tonight’s PlayStation Showcase gave us our first proper look at the follow-up. It has all the slicing, dodging, and parkour that you would expect from a sequel about a cyberpunk ninja, but this time some speedy vehicles join the party too.

The first game had our cyber-ninja Jack climbing up the deathtrap of Dharma Tower, all while chopping up enemies on the way. Set one year later, the sequel sees Jack finally leaving the nest to explore the wider cyberpunk world, which consists of both neon-engulfed motorways and very drab urban wastelands. Ghostrunner 2 is also expanding on almost every aspect of the first game with new weapons, abilities, enemies, and traversal options.

Along with the original’s stylish acrobatic action, the sequel’s big new feature is the vehicular combat on one sleek silver motorbike, just in case you wanted a side of extra speed. As a cyberpunk game featuring cool bikes, Ghostrunner 2 is legally obligated to have at least one moment where your bike slides and/or drifts with a side-on camera view in respect to the famous bit from Akira. But we might need to wait until the full release before we witness that.

Ghostrunner 2 will come out later this year on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, though there’s no concrete release date yet.

Matthew Castle (RPS in peace) wrote that the first game “rarely repeats itself” in his Ghostrunner review. “I’ve heard the designers cite Titanfall 2 as an inspiration and this is a similar six or so hours where every level adds a mechanical twist for ten minutes before parkouring to the next.” Hopefully, the sequel can keep up that brisk pace while smoothing out some of the original’s rough edges.

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The popular cyber-ninja slasher Ghostrunner is ready to burst back onto the scene as developer One More Level has released the first trailer of Ghostrunner 2. In the trailer, fans get an exclusive look at a new and exciting vehicle: a motorbike equipped with combat capabilities.

The original title from 2020 blended fast-paced platforming with a brutal combat system that allowed for a plethora of different approaches to slashing enemies. Ghostrunner 2 promises to double down on this dynamic and thrilling gameplay experience.

The newly introduced motorbike is the perfect way to get around in the world of Ghostrunner. It allows players to traverse the environment at high speeds, shoot enemies from a distance, and even engage in close-quarters combat. Such versatility empowers players with the tools to create exciting new ways to move through the game’s massive cyberpunk world.

In addition, the trailer shows off some of the enemies a player will face, varying from robotic hordes to powerful bosses. More characters and locations were teased in the trailer, all with a distinct cyberpunk vibe.

All of these exciting additions are confirmed to be included in Ghostrunner 2, which is expected to launch in 2021. Fans and gamers excited for the next installment of the cyber-ninja slasher can be sure that Ghostrunner 2 will deliver an even more dynamic gaming experience.

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