Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Sues Toxic Player

Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Sues Toxic Player

Bungie is suing a toxic Destiny 2 player, accusing him of regularly breaking the terms of the game’s license agreement and threatening the well-being of a Bungie staff member. The case sues for financial damages and urges for protective measures to be taken for the safety of Bungie employees.

According to Kotaku, Bungie filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Western District Court of Washington against Luca Leone. The suit accuses him of consistently violating Destiny 2’s Limited Software License Agreement. Bungie claims Leone has been banned dozens of times for livestreaming Destiny 2 while using cheat software. He has also sold Destiny 2 emblems, possibly from stolen accounts. Most seriously, however, he has allegedly threatened the well-being of Bungie’s community manager.

A twitter account linked to Leone tweeted out a picture of community manager dmg04’s employee badge on May 18. It followed up with tweeting “i just realized i’ll be moving to a place that’s 30 minutes away from dmg,” and then wrote “he is not safe.” On separate occasions in early July, the account threatened to set fire to Bungie HQ and worried the developer to “keep [its] doors locked.” Leone did not reply to Kotaku’s request for comment, instead deleting the tweets in question.

The studio is requesting for $150,000 in damages, and also urging the court to prevent Leone from “harassing, stalking, or otherwise engaging in unwanted or unsolicited contact with Bungie, its employees, or Destiny 2 players.” Bungie itself is in a state of transition, as its acquisition by Sony was just made official. This lawsuit also comes after recent flare-ups of community-led harassment, which senior design lead Tom Farnsworth made a statement about on Twitter.

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