Destiny 2

Destiny developer picks up former Riot director to lead ‘Destiny Universe Transmedia’ division

Bungie has hired a head of development for Destiny Universe Transmedia, fuelling speculation a Destiny TV or film project could be closer than ever.

As spotted by Twitter account Destiny Bulletin, Derick Tsai recently updated his LinkedIn profile with the role. Tsai’s description of the role is as follows. “Sr. Development Executive leading projects and telling stories that extend the Destiny IP into new mediums including Film, TV, Animation, Books, Comics and Audio”.

Previously, Tsai worked as a director on League of Legends animated shorts for Riot Games. As also note, he’s also got over 15 years of experience across many games, animation and film studios.  Of course, Bungie has never made a secret of its desire to expand the Destiny universe beyond games. But this appointment certainly seems one of the most significant towards making those dreams a reality.

Of course, this has also been bolstered with Sony’s recent purchase of Bungie for 3.6 billion USD earlier this week. The company already has their PlayStation Productions imprint, who are just about to launch the Uncharted movie into cinemas too. So there’s quite a few pieces falling into place.

Meanwhile, back in the world of the games, new expansion Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is about to land on February 22.


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