Diablo 4 features over 50 accessibility options to help you thwart Lilith and her minions

Diablo 4 features over 50 accessibility options to help you thwart Lilith and her minions

Blizzard has outlined some of the accessibility features for Diablo 4, and there are over 50 covering dexterity, text, and vision.

To make the game more accessible, navigate to the Settings Menu, where you will find all sorts of personalization options.

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Below is a list of options highlighted today by Blizzard in a blog post on accessibility.

Dexerity Assistance

  • Button Remapping
  • Skill Toggle and Action Wheel Activation
  • Swap Left and Right Sticks
  • Persist Target Lock

Text Assistance

  • Cinematic Subtitles
  • Speech to Text

Vision Assistance

  • Font and Cursor Resizing
  • In-Game Gear Audio Cues
  • Player and Item Highlighting
  • Screen Reader

Blizzard said its accessibility ambitions won’t end with the above, and that the game will become more accessible year after year.

More details on the aformentioned features can be found through the link to the blog post.

Diablo 4 releases on June 6.

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Blizzard Entertainment, the world-renowned developer and publisher of the popular gothic horror action role-playing game Diablo IV, recently announced the addition of over 50 accessibility options to its upcoming game. With this updated feature, players now have the ability to customize their gaming experience and thwart the minions of the game’s main antagonist, the Prime Evil Lilith.

The range of accessibility options includes game-specific modifications such as colorblindness support, subtitle size, and text settings, as well as keybinding customizations, game-speed controls, and aim assist. On top of this, the game alsoallows forthe widespread use of controller remapping, as well as “speed” and “intensity” settings to ensure every player can enjoy the full range of what Diablo IV has to offer.

Blizzard stated that their goal with these changes was to create a fair and balanced game environment, where all players have an equal chance of success regardless of their physical abilities or gaming habits. This move is a part of a larger effort towards greater inclusion and accessibility in gaming which is something we here at Blizzard fully support.

Additionally, the developers plan on launching a special beta version of the game which includes accessibility settings that have been tested and approved by the game’s development team. This will allow all gamers to experience what the game has to offer before its physical launch.

The curation of accessibility options in Diablo IV speaks to the dedication of Blizzard in creating a game that can be enjoyed by all gamers, regardless of their individual physical abilities. Fans of the beloved franchise can now venture into the demonic realm and defeat the minions of Lilith with the help of over 50 customized accessibility options.

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