Disgaea 7 Scores October Western Release Date, Nine Months After Japan

Disgaea 7 Scores October Western Release Date, Nine Months After Japan

NIS America has announced that Digaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless will launch on Nintendo Switch in the West on October 6th, 2023, nearly nine months after the game’s initially release in Japan in January.

Accompanying the announcment is a brand new story trailer, laying out the general jist of what you’ll be getting up to in the new title. You’ll be off on an SRPG adventure in the demonic realm of Himonoto, utilising new features like Jumbification, Hell Mode and Item Reincarnation to give you the upper hand, along with over 40 different character classes to choose from.

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Disgaea 7 [Japanese]
Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless Deluxe Edition

Here’s are a few key features from NIS America:

– Unleash the power of the Seven Founding Weapons and switch into Hell Mode to unlock unique skills and receive an unglodly stat boost!

– Item Reincarnation allows players to create wacky item upgrades. The more you reincarnate an item, the more powerful it gets!

– Supersize your characters with Jumbility and take your combat power to the next level by knocking out multiple enemies in a single blow. No corner of the stage is safe from your monstrous reach! But watch out, enemies can utilize their Jumbilities too.

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Today, publisher Nippon Ichi Software has formally announced that Disgaea 7, one of the most awaited titles of the year, will be launching in the West this October.The game, which originally released in Japan last January, is the latest entry in the popular anime-style turn-based RPG series.

Disgaea 7 brings players back to the world of Disgaea, where they control a young demon lord name Adell. The game pits Adell against a host of angels, demons, and other monsters in a classic turn-based tactical RPG. It also includes a deep character customization system, allowing players to create their own unique party of adventurers.

The game was critically lauded in Japan, with the official website boasting reviews calling it an “epic” experience, with “amazing visuals, memorable music, and deep gameplay”. Disgaea 7 has also seen praise for its accessibility, stating that the tutorials detailed enough to help newer players to quickly understand the game’s multiple systems.

Western fans have been waiting patiently since the game’s Japan release nine months ago. While there is still no official release date announced for the West, Nippon Ichi Software has confirmed that Disgaea 7 will be launching in October 2021, across PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 (via backwards compatibility).

Fans can expect to learn more about Disgaea 7 in the coming weeks. The official website states that an announcement about Early Bird bonuses and pre-order content will be coming soon.

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