Find Your Niche: Three Extremely Unexpected New Game Collections Arrive in Xbox Game Pass

Find Your Niche: Three Extremely Unexpected New Game Collections Arrive in Xbox Game Pass

It’s easy to recommend action games, first-person shooter games, or open world games; but we wanted to go deeper for our latest Game Pass collections. What about taste-making lists based on the je ne sais quoi that some games share—crossing the boundaries of genre? Today, we’ve added three new collections built on silly, sincere, and niche criteria, all with the intent of providing you with a unique gaming experience within Game Pass. 

Whether you’re an avid gamer looking to expand your horizons, someone looking for a new gaming experience, or just looking for a chuckle, these collections are sure to have something for everyone. With their diverse selection of games and focus on personalized gaming experiences, these new collections are a must-try to expand your game library.

Look out for these new collections on your console dash from today:

Game Collection #1: We Demand You See Our Legs

We’ve all played that one first-person game where you’re minding your own business, running around collecting loot or seeing the sights.  Suddenly, you look down, only to realize the terrible truth: there’s nothing there. Instead of seeing your in-game character’s legs, you are looking at the plain old ground.  Why do so many games pretend you don’t have legs?  While we don’t know the full answer to this age-old question, we put together a collection of games that believe in legs.  Go forth and conquer with this collection of games that let you see your character’s legs.

Get a leg up with a small sampling of the We Demand You See Our Legs collection:

Game Collection #2: Wild Weapons

Have you ever wanted to save the world by wielding a fish or a birthday cake? One of the games in this next collection might scratch that itch. Wild Weapons features games with unconventional ways of dealing damage, so jump in, explore, and have some weird fun.

Grab your whatever the heck that is and start fighting! Check out just a few of the games in the Wild Weapons collection:

Game Collection #3: Cute x Chaotic

From singing karaoke to brawling on the street, this final game collection features a selection of games that showcase the duality of humankind. Jump in to experience a unique blend of characters who can transition seamlessly from being adorable, composed, and serene in one moment to becoming bold and edgy rockstars the next. 

These characters are like onions. They can make you cry… oh, and layers, they have layers. Check out just a few of the topsy-turvy selections from the Cute x Chaotic collection:

We hope you like these off-beat collections, because we’re cooking up more for you to enjoy in the near future.

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The season of fun has arrived and there is better news for gamers. Microsoft has just announced the arrival of three unique game collections which can be found on the Xbox Game Pass. These collections are not only varied but incredibly unique, tapping into genres that have remained relatively unexplored until now.

The first of these collections is the Care Game Collection, a series of relaxing, stress-free titles that focus on emotional health and wellness. These include indie titles such as “Life is Strange” and “Outer Wilds”, as well as narrative-focused novelties such as “Heaven’s Vault” and “Necrobarista”. Whether it’s winding down after a long day or just wanting a peaceful evening, these titles offer both solace and challenge in equal measure.

The second collection is the Strategy Collection, a selection of games designed to stimulate the mind and encourage players to think with a strategic mindset. The strategy titles range from puzzle-based mysteries such as “Never Alone” and “Thomas Was Alone”, to tactical city-building experiences like “Reigns” and “Cities: Skylines”. Even those with a casual interest in the genre can find something fun and engaging in this collection.

The third collection is the Sporty Games Collection, an amalgamation of physical activities and games that foster a more active lifestyle in the player. This collection includes games such as “Nike+ Kinect Training”, “Fitness Adventure” and “EA Sport Active 2”. These games work wonderfully for those that lack time for traditional sports, but still want to keep that competitive edge in their gaming sessions.

In conclusion, the new collections in Xbox Game Pass offer a wonderful variety of different experiences for gamers. Whether it’s the Care Game Collection for emotional wellness, the Strategy Collection for a mind-bending puzzle, or the Sporty Games Collection to stretch your legs, there is bound to be something for everyone. With these three new collections, Xbox Game Pass has, once again, proven itself to be a leader in gaming innovation.

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