Fortnite Find the Force: 'The First Galactic Empire' Quests Available Now

Fortnite Find the Force: ‘The First Galactic Empire’ Quests Available Now

Fortnite has released the final part of the Star Wars ‘Find the Force’ Quests, giving players the chance to unlock the Clone Trooper and – for those who purchased the Premium Track – Darth Maul Outfit.

The First Galactic Empire Quests

  • Visit Moment’s Rest and Restful Retreat (2)
  • Catch a fish (1)
  • Gain shields (200)
  • Restore health (75)
  • Light a campfire (1)
  • Search ice machines, coolers or produce boxes (3)
  • Spend bars (150)
  • Thank the bus driver (3)
  • Swim distance (250)
  • Unlock chests with keys in different matches (2)

All Find the Force Quests will remain available until May 23, 2023.

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The popular action-shooter video game Fortnite has released its newest quest series; Find the Force; The First Galactic Empire. This quest series is exclusive to Fortnite and takes players on an intergalactic mission to save the galaxy from a mysterious force.

Players can join forces with up to four allies and explore the galaxy in search of hidden goods and clues that will help them unlock the secrets of the mysterious force. The quest series will take players across various planets and even through different timelines. As they progress through the quest, players will encounter a variety of enemies, pick up unique weapons and equipment, and face off against unique bosses.

In addition to the quest series, players can also take part in activities scattered around the galaxy. These activities include racing, combat challenges, and other puzzles that will test the skills of even the best Fortnite players. The quests and activities also reward players with exclusive rewards that are not available elsewhere in the game.

For those looking for a more intense experience, Fortnite offers several difficulty levels. Players can choose from four levels, ranging from easy to heroic. The more difficult the difficulty, the more rewards players will be able to obtain.

Find the Force: The First Galactic Empire is now available to all Fortnite players. The quest series promises to be action-packed and challenging, and will undoubtedly become one of the most popular quests available in the game.

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