Heavy Sniper Rifle, Grenades Nerfed in Hotfix

Heavy Sniper Rifle, Grenades Nerfed in Hotfix

Following the v24.40 patch last week, Fortnite has deployed a hotfix to adjust the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Grenades.

balance-changes”>Balance Changes

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle structure damage significantly decreased.
  • Grenade structure damage significantly decreased.
  • Grenade player damage decreased.

These changes have left the Heavy Sniper unable to destroy anything stronger than wood walls in one hit, and Grenades unable to eliminate a players with over 40 health. Data miner HYPEX shared a comparison between the previous and updated damage values:

Heavy Sniper Rifle

  • Structure damage (Legendary): 660 -> 165
  • Structure damage (Epic): 630 -> 158
  • Structure damage (Rare): 600 -> 150


  • Player damage: 100 -> 40
  • Structure damage: 375 -> 75

These are most likely the final weapon changes we’ll see before the launch of Season 3 on June 10th. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Fortnite Status

In other news, the first official Season 3 image has been leaked by Nintendo. Click here to read more.

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A recent update has made some significant changes to a variety of weapons available in the popular shooter game, “Battlefield V”. It is now the norm for developers in the gaming industry to provide regular updates to their games. This week, some significant changes took place with the recently released hotfix affecting the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Grenades.

The hotfix addressed some key gameplay features. First, the Barrett M82 sniper rifle has been reduced in damage at range. The rifle still packs an impressive punch, however, it has been changed to be less powerful across long distances. This will make it a much more viable weapon in close quarters combat. Secondly, the lethality of hand-thrown fragmentation grenades has been lessened. This means that explosions are now far less deadly, making it difficult to score direct hits or get kills from grenade spam.

The hotfix also responded to players’ feedback on the new squad spawn system. This was recently a source of frustration as squadmates were sometimes spawning in unsafe locations. Now, when players spawn with their squad, they will automatically appear in relatively safer spots. This smoother game flow should allow players to stick together and make effective use of flanking tactics.

Overall, the hotfix has made a number of improvements to “Battlefield V” and was much needed to help balance the weapon types and spawning issues in the game. While it won’t improve every game element, it certainly makes the game more balanced and should prove to be a step in the right direction.

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