Here's a sneak peek at the Twisted Metal TV show and its killer star Sweet Tooth

Here’s a sneak peek at the Twisted Metal TV show and its killer star Sweet Tooth

A first look at the Twisted Metal TV show has been released, and while the teaser doesn’t reveal much, it’s enough to pique your interest.

It’s short too, but you get a quick glimpse of Sweet Tooth at the end.

Check out the first sneak peek of the Twisted Metal TV show set to air on Peacock Network

The Twisted Metal TV show was announced in 2019 with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions pitching the series as an action-comedy.

Based on an original take from Deadpool and Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the series showrunner is Michael Jonathan Smith (Cobra Kai), and Kitao Sakurai (The Eric Andre Show) will executive produce and direct multiple episodes.

Arrested Development star Will Arnett lends his voice to the character Sweet Tooth, a “lover of chaos” who uses Lost Vegas as a personal killing ground while driving his doomsday ice cream truck. Arnett also serves as the show’s executive producer and has a history of voice work in animation and video games. His credits include Batman in the LEGO movies, King of the Hill, Despicable Me, The Cleveland Show, BoJack Horseman, The Simpsons, Teen Titans Go to the Movies and many others.

Other actors in the series are Winter Soldier’s Anthony Mackie, another executive producer, and Stephanie Beatriz, who played our hero Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Wings, Sideways, Ned and Stacy) is in the show, and Neve Campbell (Scream series, The Craft, Party of Five) will have a recurring guest starring role.

The half-hour live-action series will air on NBC Universal’s Peacock Network on July 27.

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Twisted Metal, the classic play station game, is getting the TV treatment. Sony Pictures and Playstation Productions have just released their sneak peek of the upcoming live-action series, in which we get our first glimpse of Sweet Tooth, the murderous ice cream truck driver.

The highly-anticipated series is adapted from the classic car combat game that was popular in the late nineties. The series follows the road-tripping misadventures of a small band of ‘twisted metal’ drivers as they attempt to survive a post-apocalyptic world. At the center of the story is Sweet Tooth, the game’s iconic, terrifying clown-like creation, who will be played by actor Michael Madsen.

During Twisted Metal’s two and a half minute teaser trailer, we get an introductory preview of Madsen’s frightful take on the character. Despite his menacing, murderous clown façade, Sweet Tooth is actually a sardonic anti-hero seeking to escape his dark past.

The series’ lead writer and show-runner, Rhett Reese, has captivated audiences with a number of darkly humorous and superficially menacing characters in the past, which will surely influence his latest project. Reese assures fans that “Twisted Metal will be a thrilling, action-packed ride for the entire family – but with a healthy dose of anarchy and a deliriously demented edge.” Fans have also been assured that much of the game’s rich and grotesque humor will be honored in the series.

Twisted Metal will air on the Playstation Network in 2021. If the sneak peek of Sweet Tooth is anything to go by, then Twisted Metal will without a doubt be a hit.

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