Hitman 3 delivers 4K 60fps on Xbox Series X, compared to 1800p on PS5 - report

Hitman 3 delivers 4K 60fps on Xbox Series X, compared to 1800p on PS5 – report

By Dom Peppiatt,
Thursday, 21 January 2021 12:51 GMT

It looks like Hitman 3 has the edge on Xbox Series X compared to PS5, with the Microsoft console supporting native 4K resolution.

IO Interactive launched Hitman 3 yesterday, and though there’s been some difficulty with the game’s online servers, the title has been received with critical acclaim.

And it looks like players that picked the game up on Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, are in for a slightly better experience with the game. Digital Foundry has published a new video that shows Microsoft’s flagship console running the game at native 4K resolution (with the Series S supporting 1080p resolution). The PlayStation 5, by comparison, runs IO Interactive’s latest at 1800p.

Digital Foundry also noted that the shadows in the Xbox Series X version are higher resolution, and that’s worth noting – being a stealth game, there’s a lot of emphasis on lighting and shadow in the title.

All three new consoles run the game at a steady 60fps, for what it’s worth, with older tech (PS4 and Xbox One) running the game at 30fps instead. That said, the report reveals that certain sections stress Xbox Series X more than PS5, resulting in a lower framerate in those instances.

In our Hitman 3 review, Alex called the game “a great finale to one of gaming’s best trilogies” and noted that “the World of Assassination trilogy is hands-down one of the best and most complete-feeling trilogies in video game history”.

The sequel tells a darker story than we’ve seen in the series to date, with IO Interactive targeting a more directed approach to narrative in the title. The developer’s next project is a mysterious James Bond/007 game.



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