Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough - Carpathian Mountains (Untouchable)

Hitman 3 Mission Walkthrough – Carpathian Mountains (Untouchable)

Hitman 3 caps off the journey with a mission that’s quite out of the ordinary for the series. Carpathian Mountains (Untouchable) takes on a more linear design, leaving you little room to work with and fewer options for clever methods–think of it more as an epilogue mission to tie up the story’s loose ends. While it may be straightforward, it can still be challenging, so we’ll walk you through it in case you need some pointers.

For your first time in this mission, you’ll start with Agent 47’s flashbacks and visions followed by walking up in a secluded test lab. You won’t have any items to start with and you have no guidance since there are no Missions Stories to follow, similar to how Berlin, Apex Predator started. But fret not, this one’s not as complex or free-roaming as Berlin. Take note that every NPC is fair game in this mission and you will actually be rewarded with XP for every kill.

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Waking Up

Once you wake up from the bed in this mysterious lab, you’ll be in a narrow room with one doctor present. Knock him out, take the disguise, and the keycard dropped (or the one on a desk nearby). The next room will have a guard and a doctor talking to each other. After their brief conversation, they’ll alternate short patterns within the room. Walk past them and go to the next room; there will be a door locked by a keypad, but don’t worry, the code is literally written on the wall to your left (it’s 1979). Take the rusty crowbar and use it to bust open the door in the previous room in order to progress in this mission.

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Working On The Railroad

Turns out you’re on a train heading up through the Carpathian Mountains–yup, this entire mission is on a set of train cars. Keep moving forward by scaling the sides and tops of the train cars. Knock out the guard standing outside and take his disguise since this will help you walk through most of the mission without resistance. Go inside the next train car with a missing valve wheel, find the valve wheel in the back of the train car, then use the valve to open the roof.

Once you get past the train car’s roof and drop down, turn around to enter a room full of guards. Only one will suspect you; walk right past them and pick up the rusty crowbar at the far end of this area. Walk back out and continue moving forward.

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Scaling Trains

From this point forward, you’ll move past a series of train cars with various guards posted up. You can get past them by carefully avoiding the ones who are suspicious of you, or jumping out of the side of certain windows to shimmy across to the next window to jump into the next room. Ledges with ice on them cannot be scaled, frozen windows cannot be jumped through, and when you’re walking on the roof, lookout for signal posts that will cause damage if they hit you.

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You’ll eventually make it to a room that has a workbench; use this to craft a silenced pistol which can be useful if you want to get lethal. Progressing is quite self-explanatory around these parts, but keep an eye out for higher level disguises that let you access subsequent train cars with ease. The next one being right after you pass the bar where two guards are talking about the secrecy of this train operation. Check one of the rooms where an armored guard is sleeping; take the outfit right next to him and the silenced SMG just in case.

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Guard Duty

The next train car has two armored guards, one of which will be suspicious–there are weapons and ammo in this room if you want, otherwise you can keep moving forward past them. On the way to the next train car, there will be a fuse on the ground that you can use to power a light and blind the patrolling guard. The next train, where two guards are sitting down talking to each other, will have a rusty crowbar and a valve wheel which you can take back to a previous train car, but you’ll simply get weapons and ammo.

As you move forward, you’ll notice guards with winter camo uniforms, keep walking past them, avoiding the suspicious ones. The next train car will have the Commando Leader inside. He’ll have his back turned when you walk into the room. It’s important that you knock him out and take his uniform; you’ll walk past the rest of the guards and they’ll address you as the commander and let you pass free.

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An Easy Stroll To Your Target

You can switch into the office staff suit in the next train car but you won’t be able to carry an SMG or shotgun if you want to do that. The guard in this room is suspicious of you regardless, but once you get past him, it’s just a simple walk past a few office spaces and guards to get to your target.

Once you get to the final train car, use the lever to disconnect it from the rest of the train and confront your target. There’s a secret ending you can get if you do things a certain way, but the rest is up to you.

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