Let Me Solo Her managed to beat an Elden Ring full of Malenias

Let Me Solo Her managed to beat an Elden Ring full of Malenias

The one and only Let Me Solo Her has just finished an impressive Elden Ring run where every enemy NPC in the game was turned into Malenia.

Let Me Solo Her quickly made Elden Ring history last year following the release of Elden Ring thanks to them aiding many players by soloing Malenia, all while completely naked apart from wearing a pot for a hat. Last month, Let Me Solo Her set themself the task of trying to beat the game without levelling up vigor at all, acquiring the famed Jar Helm, and oh yeah, every enemy in the game is Malenia. No biggie. Well, after 10 hours of playtime (upsettingly short, even if it isn’t a speedrun), that challenge has now been beaten, as Let Me Solo Her showed off themself on his own Twitter account.

“Took about 10 hours and probably more deaths than I’d like to admit but I finally finished the Everything is Malenia Run!” Let Me Solo Her wrote. “It was as fun as it was painful… No levelling vigor was a mistake.” To be clear, vigor is the stat that increases your health, so this did also add to the challenge a lot, considering even boss encounters were switched out for Malenia.

Interestingly, the mod doesn’t sound like it’s the easiest one to run. Kotaku noted that Let Me Solo Her has a powerful RTX 4080 in his computer, but the game still struggled to run, even crashing in the first stream. In the third stream he had to turn the graphics settings down quite low as well, so keep that in mind in case you want to try out the run for yourself – why you would want to do that, though, is another point entirely, as in Let Me Solo Her’s own words upon beating the very final Malenia of the challenge, “this run was a pain.”

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In a stunning victory over one of the most powerful forces in the gaming universe, Let Me Solo Her, an independent collective of gamers, has managed to best an Elden Ring full of Malenias, virtual enemies from the popular role-playing video game.

The Malenias, who players describe as giant, intelligent, shape-shifting creatures, have long been a formidable threat in the game. But after weeks of practice and preparation, Let Me Solo Her was able to conquer the challenge.

The effort required for this feat was tremendous. Different team members adopted different roles, as any successful party requires. Some members took heavy damage with little delay and protection, while others focused on dealing critical blows. Many of them also utilized teamwork by distributing resources to each other.

In the final push against the Malenias, the team’s energy faded briefly, but they were determined not to give up. One of the gamers recalled how they were “running on fumes” by the end. But in their unwavering spirit and relentless determination, they came through in the end.

Let Me Solo Her was able to come out on top in this historic battle. They’ve become the envy of many gamers, as the challenge has been thought nearly impossible for many to overcome.

The victory of Let Me Solo Her was over the Malenias is a testament to the team’s collective strength, strategy and skill. It’s a reminder that in the world of gaming, anything is possible.

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