Microsoft put a time and date on their 2023 not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase

Microsoft put a time and date on their 2023 not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase

Microsoft had already announced their annual not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase, but now we know when exactly to tune in: June 11th at 10am PT/6pm BST/7pm CEST. Microsoft are promising “new surprises and first-looks” from both Xbox-owned studios and third-party teams, but I’m sure most people will be tuning in for the (also previously announced) Starfield Direct, which is airing immediately after the Xbox show.

On the subject of the Starfield Direct, director Todd Howard teased that “there’s so much that we still have to show you… the game has many of the hallmarks you’d expect from us. But it’s also a very unique experience.” Starfield has over 100 systems and over 1000 planets, so there’s a lot to show off.

The Xbox Games Showcase itself should be packed with games new and old, as Microsoft says: “This is the day gamers have been waiting for to see what is coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.” Forza Motorsport made a showing at the publisher’s trailer-fest back in January, putting the racer on track for another appearance, and maybe even a release by the end of the year. Scary sequel Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II has also popped up with increasing frequency lately, including the Game Pass ad embedded in this article, making it another likely candidate for this June show.

The rest of their roster might include Obsidian’s first-person RPG Avowed, zombie survival sim State Of Decay 3, and the Fable reboot – all of which were shown off three years ago now. Hopefully, at least one of them makes a reappearance, although I’m personally crossing my fingers for more Fable, please.

Microsoft have a lot to prove as their proposed Activision Blizzard acquisition is now in hot water, and their most recent release Redfall seems a bit hollow, according to Ed’s early impressions. We’ll find out soon.

The Xbox Games Showcase and the Starfield Direct can be streamed on the Twitch and YouTube channels on June 11th. Another Xbox Games Extended Showcase featuring even more developer interviews will air on June 13th as well. For more local time zones, check out the Xbox Wire blog post.

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Microsoft has recently announced that they will be holding a Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, 2023, in lieu of what would have been the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2021. The event will be focused solely on showcasing upcoming Xbox games and bringing new information on previously announced titles.

Microsoft had previously announced that their presence at E3 2021 would be difficult due to the ongoing global pandemic. By announcing a new event separate from E3, Microsoft is able to still keep the focus on their games while keeping up with their own attempts to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Xbox Games Showcase is Microsoft’s first date-focused event for the new generation of Xbox consoles to be released in late 2020. With this announcement, Microsoft is reaffirming its commitment to bringing gamers fresh, new content. During the event, gamers can expect to see Microsoft’s vision for the future of gaming, including new technologies, announcements about upcoming games, announcements about previously announced titles, and the latest news on both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

As with other gaming events from the likes of Sony, Nintendo, and other game developers, Microsoft’s event will be streamed online on July 23, 2023. This is to ensure that everyone can join in the excitement regardless of their current location. Microsoft has already begun ramping up their promotional efforts and content leading up to the event in order to get fans excited and to make the event even more special.

Overall, Microsoft’s decision to create this separate games showcase event serves to emphasize the importance the company places on delivering the best gaming experiences to everyone. We’re all looking forward to what this event has in store and the amazing things that Microsoft has in store to share with us.

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