MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Captain Series - Sets 1 and 2

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Captain Series – Sets 1 and 2

MLB The Show 23 has been out for well over a month now, and many fans are off discovering all the ins and outs the latest installment has to offer. With so many modes and new features to soak in, it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding where to start. But for Diamond Dynasty fans, it’s a pretty straightforward affair, particularly with the arrival of the new Captain Series.

As we know, Team Affinity is designed for those looking to assemble theme teams in Diamond Dynasty, and in the process, maximize how much they can elevate everyones potential on it. Well the Captain Series works hand-in-hand with just that. Honoring a series of different baseball captains from all 30 MLB teams, every one of the Captain Series players come with three different tiers, each providing specific boosts once unlocked for that captain.

With Tier 3 providing the best skill attribute boosts, players will need to complete the collection requirements for every Captain in order to unlock each tiers’ set of boosts. Fans can have one Hitting Captain and one Pitching Captain, and can mix and match players from different teams.

For many of you logging into the game for the first time or trying it out, you might be wondering which players are included in the Captain Series? Not to worry! We cover the full Set 1 and most of the Set 2 collection of Captain Series players down below.

MLB The Show 23 – Captain Series Players

The Show 23 Captain Series
Copyright MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty has handful of different areas where you can secure Captain Series players. The main set of Captains can be acquired by completing the Season 1 and soon to launch Season 2 Divisions from the Team Affinity Program. The second, and much smaller group of Captain Series stars, can be unlocked in the active Season 1 Rewards Path.

Moreover, should you have pre ordered the game prior to the early access period, you received an exclusive Captains Choice Pack, which presents a whole different selection of Captains, including former legends of the sport.

With over 30 Captains to acquire from the Season 1 set and a whole lot more on their way in Season 2, each of them comes with a 92 overall rating and skill attributes that you can elevate upon meeting their specific tier requirements. So for example, if you have Derek Jeter’s Captain Series card, you will need to collect five Captain Series hitters to unlock his Tier 1 Boost of +5 Contract vs R, +5 Contract vs L, and +5 Batting Clutch for Jeter and the corresponding Captain Series cards.

Each Captain’s Tier Boosts are uniquely different though. So be sure to choose wisely when deciding which ones you want to prioritize and work towards as you begin collecting their corresponding player items. To assist you with this selection process, we here at VideoGamer have provided the full list of Captain Series players you can acquire in MLB The Show 23.

Set 2 Team Affinity Captains

MLB The Show 23
Copyright MLB The Show 23

With Season 2 launching this Friday, MLB The Show 23 has started to reveal a handful of the new Set 2 Team Affinity Captain Series players fans will be able to acquire. To help you decide who you want to pursue and use for your Diamond Dynasty teams, we’ve provided a list of all the Set 2 Team Affinity Captain Series players that have been revealed so far.

American League


  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (1B) – Blue Jays
  • Yandy Díaz (1B) – Rays
  • Enrique Hernandez (SS) – Red Sox
  • Whitey Ford (SP) – Yankees
  • John Means (SP) – Orioles

National League


  • Mark McGwire (1B) – Cardinals
  • Greg Vaughn (LF) – Brewers
  • Kyle Hendricks (SP) – Cubs
  • Nick Lodolo (SP) – Reds
  • David Bednar (CP) – Pirates

As MLB The Show 23 continues to reveal more Set 2 Captains before the launch of Season 2 come Friday, we will be keeping this guide up to date with all you need to know. So be sure to check back as more Captains are revealed.

Set 1 Team Affinity & Rewards Path Captains

Along with the Team Affinity and Season 1 Reward Path Captains, there are also two Breakout Series Captains you can unlock from a Pennant Race Choice Pack by playing Ranked.

These two players are marked with an asterisk down below and are not available in the Team Affinity Program nor in the Season 1 Rewards Path:

American League

Copyright MLB The Show 23


  • Aaron Judge (OF) – Yankees
  • Gerrit Cole (SP) – Yankees
  • Nestor Cortes Jr. (SP) – Yankees*
  • Chris Sale (SP) – Red Sox
  • Shane McClanahan (SP) – Rays
  • Alex Manoah (SP) – Blue Jays
  • Adley Rutschman (C) – Orioles


  • Miguel Cabrera (DH) – Tigers
  • Zach Greinke (SP) – Royals
  • Shane Bieber (SP) – Guardians
  • Andres Gimenez (2B) – Guardians*
  • Liam Hendriks (RP) – White Sox
  • Elvis Andrus (SS) – White Sox
  • Byron Buxton (OF) – Twins


  • Jose Altuve (2B) – Astros
  • Ryan Pressly (CP) – Astros
  • Paul Sewald (CP) – Mariners
  • Shohei Ohtani (SP) – Angels
  • Martin Perez (SP) – Rangers
  • Seth Brown (1B) – Athletics

National League

Copyright MLB The Show 23


  • Pete Alonso (1B) – Mets
  • Bryce Harper (RF) – Phillies
  • J.T. Realmuto (C) – Phillies
  • Austin Riley (3B) – Braves
  • Sandy Alcantara (SP) – Marlins
  • Josiah Gray (SP) – Nationals


  • Andrew McCutchen (RF) – Pirates
  • Joey Votto (1B) – Reds
  • Ian Happ (LF) – Cubs
  • Corbin Burns (SP) – Brewers
  • Adam Wainwright (SP) – Cardinals


  • Clayton Kershaw (SP) – Dodgers
  • Zac Gallen (SP) – Diamondbacks
  • Daniel Bard (CP) – Rockies
  • Manny Machado (3B) – Padres
  • Brandon Crawford (SS) – Giants

Set 1 Pre Order Captains Choice Pack

The Show 23 Captain Series
Copyright MLB The Show 23

Down below, we list all the Captain Series players that were included in the Captains Choice Pack you received had you pre ordered MLB The Show 23 prior to launch.

If you missed out on getting your hands on these Captains, you can find them available in the MLB Players Store in Diamond Dynasty.

Here’s the full list of the exclusive Captain Series Choice Pack players:

  • Mike Piazza (C) – Dodgers
  • David Wright (3B) – Mets
  • Derek Jeter (SS) – Yankees
  • Willie Mays (CF) – Giants
  • David Ortiz (DH) – Red Sox
  • Nolan Ryan (SP) – Rangers
  • Roy Halladay (SP) – Blue Jays
  • Trevor Hoffman (CP) – Padres

April Topps Now Captains Choice Pack

MLB The Show 23
Courtesy of MLB The Show 23

On April 14, MLB The Show 23 released its Week 2 set of April Topps Now Program players, and with it, came a special April Topps Now Captains Choice Pack. As you progress your way through the April Topps Now Program rewards ladder, you will be to unlock two of these Captain Series packs, which will grant you the chance to select the following two players:

  • Anthony Rendon (3B) – Nationals
  • Joe Musgrove (SP) – Padres

Just like the previous Captains, Rendon and Musgrove both come with 92 overall ratings and have Captain collection requirements tied to April Topps Now Program players.

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MLB The Show 23 is set to make a big splash in the world of baseball gaming with the upcoming release of its Diamond Dynasty Captain Series Sets One and Two. The series will feature two sets of five unique player cards that can be used to construct teams within Diamond Dynasty.

The player cards are modeled after current MLB players who have been an influential part of the professional game over the past few years. Collectors will find five unique players representing each of the MLB teams included in the set.

Each card will come with an array of exclusive perks and bonuses that can be used to help your Diamond Dynasty teams and players compete in the online multiplayer mode.

Players will be able to gain access to limited-time challenges, special rewards, and more when using the cards. Additionally, some of the Captain Series cards will offer fans the opportunity to enhance the power and abilities of their team and players in various ways.

Collectors will be able to get their hands on two different sets which feature the same five players but in different levels. Set One will include Rookie and Veteran levels, while Set Two will include Bronze and Silver.

The MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Captain Series Sets One and Two are sure to be a valuable and sought-after addition to any collector’s library. The series will provide baseball fans with an extra level of excitement and challenge when building their Diamond Dynasty team.

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