Rumour: Deviation Games' High Profile PS5 Exclusive Has Been Cancelled

Rumour: Deviation Games’ High Profile PS5 Exclusive Has Been Cancelled

Developer Deviation Games’ quietly struggling PS5 exclusive has reportedly been cancelled, according to industry insider and analyst Colin Moriarty and a source familiar with the project. Moriarty says he learned of the recent layoffs weeks in advance from the source and that the project has now been scrapped.

Moriarty revealed the news on the most recent episode of his Sacred Symbols podcast, starting at the 2:45:55 mark above (thanks, PlayStation LifeStyle).

Last year, we brought you the news that Deviation co-founder Jason Blundell had left the studio and that PlayStation Studios’ big dog Herman Hulst stopped by to kick the tyres on the mysterious project.

We’ll file this as a Rumour until we hear official confirmation, but this isn’t Moriarty’s first rodeo, and the signs are all there. Let us know how you feel in the comments section below.

Rumours have been circulating amongst the video game community that a highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive title from Deviation Games has been cancelled. No official confirmation has been made by the studio or Sony Interactive Entertainment, the organisation responsible for marketing the company’s games. However, a statement from Deviation Games alludes to the rumour.

For those unfamiliar with Deviation Games, the studio consists of several veterans of the video game industry. It is a relatively new development studio, but with a great deal of experience both in design and programming. Their currently announced PlayStation 5 title was touted as one of the biggest and most ambitious video games ever made.

Unfortunately, while the studio remains tight lipped about the rumoured cancellation of the title, sources close to the studio claim the game has been put on hold due to a number of issues, including creative differences and financial constraints. Additionally, the studio also believes the game would need additional time to be designed and finalized before it is ready for the market.

It is important to note that with nothing more than rumours circulating at this time, its difficult to assess the accuracy of these claims. Deviation Games hasn’t responded to the reports. However, the statement seems to suggest that the PS5 exclusive title may be on hold.

It would be a great disappointment if this title ends up being cancelled, as the game was looking promising from the information announced thus far. The gaming community is waiting with bated breath for an official announcement from the studio. Hopefully, Deviation Games can provide an update sooner rather than later.

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