Sifu brings release date forward by two weeks, now launching February 8

Sloclap has announced that its kung-fu action brawler Sifu will now launch two weeks earlier than originally planned.

The announcement also comes with some more insight via the PlayStation blog on how the game’s reverse aging mechanic will work. When you start Sifu, your hero is only 20 years old and out for revenge. Though their quest only takes over the course of one night, they’ll be using a magical pendant that can undo damage at the cost of years from the hero’s life.

If you are forced to age then, you’ll find your character model changing aesthetically, of course. But also, it’ll have an impact on your abilities. While it won’t make you weaker, you will notice things like your maximum health being lowered in exchange for your blows hitting harder.

The times when you are felled, it seems, will actually also serve as the screen for upgrading your abilities in Sifu. In exchange for precious years, you’ll unlock new skills and that’ll open up more moves. If you don’t succumb to your attackers, you’ll still be able to upgrade between missions too.

You’ll also be able to upgrade at shrines around the levels. However, these will also allow you to select perks that allow you to further specialise your build. This will include more health, more weapon durability or more focus charges for your more devastating moves. You will be able to lower the death count too, by the way, by defeating chapter bosses or specific shrines.

You can check out some videos for the game below. Sifu is now set to launch on February 8 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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