Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has 2023's Most Essential PS5 Patch (So Far)

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has 2023’s Most Essential PS5 Patch (So Far)

However, the former was wiped out completely and the latter substantially lessened by update 1.02, released less than 24 hours before our verdict hit the home page. The game’s 1440p Performance Mode now offers a significantly smoother experience, making exploration and combat even more of a joy. It really is a night and day difference when compared to the technical flaws we had to put up with prior. It’s certainly not a locked frame rate, but the game is now in an acceptable state following the patch released so late in the review process.

Of course, since this patch is already up for download, your copy will automatically download the update. Since this was a “Day 0” patch, there may be another day one patch on the way this Friday that improves performance even more. Nevertheless, when you start playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PS5, just take a quick peek at the game tile’s information tab to make sure you’ve got the latest version.

Since its launch in November, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has rapidly become the preferred gaming console for many — both for its optimal power and advanced features. The biggest draw, however, has been Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and its latest patch from 2023, which optimizes the game for PS5 play.

This new patch is the most essential one released for the PS5 yet. It features full-game optimization for the high-definition graphics of the PS5, as well as improved loading speeds. This patch also brings groundbreaking new features such as high resolution textures and improved AI.

The most significant changes made in the patch are the improved traversal and combat. The traversal is much faster, allowing players to make quick escapes, while the combat is more precise, with more strategic moves at the player’s disposal.

The patch also includes dual-sensory audio, which immerses players in the world of Star Wars with the sound of blaster fire, lightsabers, and more. Plus, the inclusion of 3D audio will make gamers feel like they are right in the middle of the action. To top it off, the patch features various bug improvements and a photo mode for capturing some of the most visually stunning moments in the game.

Overall, the 2023 patch for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an essential update for any PS5 gamers looking to fully experience the world of Star Wars. With the improved gameplay and graphics, as well as exciting new features, the patch offers a more robust gaming experience from start to finish.

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