The Classic Konami Code Now Has Its Own Store In Akihabara

The Classic Konami Code Now Has Its Own Store In Akihabara

A pop-up store selling exclusive merchandise themed around the Konami Code has opened at the Akihabara Container in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

The Konami Code – a combination of button presses that unlocked special goodies in various Konami games from the 1980s onwards – was first used in Gradius in 1986. By entering up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, players could unlock a more powerful ship to play with. The hidden command went on to be used in Gradius II and other Konami titles.

The pop-up shop sells various exclusive items based on classic Konami titles such as Gradius, Goemon, Snatcher and Tokimeki Memorial. The full lineup can be seen in the gallery below or on the official website.

Konami Code Store – Merch Gallery

In addition, the store features a photo spot with a massive wall panel of Chichibinta Rika from the Parodius series, where visitors are invited to pose for selfies.

Konami has even released a theme song based on the Konami Code, produced by Japanese artist TOMOSUKE, sung by meiyo, and illustrated by Kaneko Shake. The video for the song, which features lyrics in Japanese extolling the virtues of the button command in detail, is available on Konami’s Japanese YouTube account.

Konami has come under fire in recent years for moving away from game development following the departure of Hideo Kojima, but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from cashing in on its various classic properties. In September, Konami released the Castlevania Advance Collection, which contains several Game Boy Advance games as well as Dracula X for the Super NES.

The Konami Code 35th anniversary celebration began on October 28 and will continue to November 16. If you’re able to make it to Japan in that time and you have even a little love for classic games, it’s worth a visit for the nostalgia hit alone.

Ryuichi Kataoka is a writer for IGN Japan

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