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The Last of Us HBO TV show casts Henry and Sam

Four more characters who’ll be a part of The Last of Us HBO TV series have been announced and revealed, including brothers Henry and Sam.

As per IGN, Lamar Johnson will take on the role of the older brother Henry. The younger Sam, meanwhile, will be played by Keivonn Woodard.

Those familiar with the games may remember the pair meet Joel and Ellie in Pittsburgh as they evade human hunters. One of the first changes the TV show is making is switching that out to Kansas City instead, though there’s not much more plot detail than that on their appearance.

We don’t want to spoil what they go through in the game, so we won’t do that here. However, presumably their journey in the TV series will be just as dramatic.

Along with those two, Naughty Dog has also confirmed a couple of brand new characters exclusive to the TV show. Marlon and Florence are described as “a married couple living along in the wilderness of post-apocalyptic Wyoming.” They’ll be played by Graham Greene and Elaine Miles, respectively.

Here’s what else we know about The Last of Us HBO TV show so far.

The Last of Us HBO TV Show – predicted release date

No official announcement has been made so far of a release date for The Last of Us HBO TV show. Filming has already wrapped however, starting in June 2021 and finishing up in June 2022.

Presumably then, the team will be hard at work in the edit suites as we speak, assembling the filmed episodes. Of course, there’s been a bit of upheaval of late as Warner Bros Discovery’s new CEO has been causing quite a bit of drama. As a result, it seems HBO Max and Discovery Plus may be in line for a merger.

However, as far as we can tell, this doesn’t seem to have effected The Last of Us HBO show at the time of writing. So, unless something major changes, we predict we’ll still see the show go live in early 2023.

The Last of Us HBO TV Show – cast and crew news, more

The Last of Us HBO TV show will star Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, respectively. Joel’s brother Tommy will be played by Gabriel Luna, while Merle Dandridge is the only actor to reprise her role from the games as Marlene. Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman has also been confirmed in the role of Bill.

Original Joel and Ellie voice actors from the games – Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson – have also been confirmed to appear in the series. However, they’ll be playing entirely new roles, and HBO is yet to announce what those roles will be.

Writer on the series is Craig Mazin, who was also the writer producer of Chernobyl. He’s joined by Neil Druckmann, who is of course the Naughty Dog co-president and creator of The Last of Us.

The first season will last for ten episodes on HBO Max, and we’ve been told it won’t necessarily follow the plot of the games. In the meantime, the first game is getting an enhanced remaster in The Last of Us Part I, coming to PlayStation 5 next month.

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