What are you playing this weekend?

What are you playing this weekend?

It’s a three-day weekend in the US, which means those of you in the region will hopefully be enjoying the time off.

The Labor Day weekend is usually like any other long weekend in the US. Full of barbeques, relaxing, having a few drinks, and enjoying what’s left of the summer. As you see, this is the last summer holiday weekend for us, and it also signals the end of the swimming season at public pools. This is fine for some of us who have a phobia of community swimming pools (pools are NOT a unrinal people!)

For the rest of the folks not in the US, it’s probably just an ordinary weekend, but time off nonetheless, so why not enjoy it by playing some games? That’s what the folks at VG247 plan to do.

Here’s what we’re getting into over the next few days.

Connor Makar, Stff Writer – World of Warcraft Classic

This weekend, I’ll be playing the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch in World of Warcraft.

The truth is, the game is just brilliant, and at the moment, I am re-leveling a new character on fresh servers. I have also found a new guild, so I’m firmly back in. There’s nothing quite like it out there, and I can’t wait to see what wild stuff the community gets up to.

James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Yes, it’s a kid’s game, but it’s a kid’s game in the nostalgic mould of the Sly trilogy and Ratchet and Clank – built with enough vibrancy, care and effort to be well worth playing whoever you are.

It’s also a massive Breath of the Wild rip-off, but with a dash of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – the best Assassin’s Creed imo – that gives this open-world RPG a unique historical element as it colourfully retells classic Greek myths.

The back-and-forth banter between Zeus and an Elias Toufexis (Adam Jensen from Deus Ex) voiced Prometheus is one of the best framing devices I’ve seen for a long while, and it’s also not too taxing without being samey.

I previewed Immortals twice, but never got to play the full game. Now it’s time to change that.

Jim Trinca, Video Producer – Immortality

This weekend I’m trepidatiously looking forward to playing Sam Barlow’s latest watch-em-up Immortality, of which I know only a handful of things.

Firstly, it’s an FMV game, which I haven’t been arsed about since Tex Murphy was a thing, but Barlow’s endless war on my apathy toward the format has finally worn me down. Secondly, it looks like the premise is basically my job except also murder. Thirdly, Kelsey, our resident horror connoisseur, found it highly unsettling. And I’m scared of my own shadow.

So, I’m looking forward to being thoroughly creeped out, but also kind of feeling like I’m at work?

Kelsey Raynor, Guides Writer – Final Fantasy 14 Online

Quiet weekend for me in terms of games while I mainly pack and prepare to move house, but I will be making time to get through some Final Fantasy 14 quests.

I just finished the base game for the second time (I didn’t pay attention the first time around), so now it’s time to finally see what see what the Heavensward expansion is all about.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – Making a game out of hosehold chores

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US, so I plan on, well, laboring. That’s because I have let things slip over the last couple of weeks. So, this weekend, I am playing a game I made up titled “How Clean is Your House?” – based on those overly perky British ladies who used to have a cleaning show on BBC America (Channel 4 in the UK).

It’s a rather time-consuming game, but it has various goals and missions to accomplish, and you can earn Achievements in the form of stickers for completing said missions during an allotted amount of time.

These Achievements include:

Kitchen counters: Get all coffee and cranberry juice stains off the counters along with bread crumbs within 15 minutes – You get a heart sticker (20 points)

Load up the dishwasher: Load as many dishes as you can into the machine within 30 minutes – You get a Smiley Face Sticker. If every utensil in the house is dirty and you get enough in the dishwasher, you get an extra smiley face. (50-100 points)

Sweep the kitchen: Get all the dirt off the floor and quarter rounds in 15 minutes – You get a Big Heart sticker. If you find and knock any cobwebs down in the process, you get an Extra Large Heart. (25-50 points) This includes the laundry room attached to the kitchen.

Vacuuming: Get all the animal hair and dirt off the rugs and couch within 30 minutes – You get a Silver Star. If there are stains from cat puke washed in this time frame, you get an extra star. (50-100 points)

Dusting: Dust all the furniture within 30 minutes – You get a Gold Star (100 points). Watch out for floating cat and dog hair! If one lands on the TV stand or flat screen you lose 100 points and will have to start the mission over.

Bathroom: Sweep and mop the floor, scrub fixtures and the porcelain throne with Pine-sol, and clean the tub, and the mirror all within 45 minutes – Doing so will bet you a Platinum Star. If you can get a co-op partner to help, you win Triple Platinum. (200-600 points) Shower tiles do not count because this is something that should be cleaned after every shower.

Mopping: Mop the entryway, kitchen, and floor in front of the backdoor within 30 minutes – You Win a Horsey sticker worth 1,000 points. If you only have to rinse the Bona pad twice, you get a massive, puffy horse sticker with funny rolling eyes worth 5,000 points.

If you complete all tasks within the allotted time and do not have to start a mission over, you win the game.

Bonus: If during the missions you can complete the following tasks you will be handed 20 points each: toss a load of laundry in; vacuum the blinds; throw out two-week-old moldy food from fridge; take trash and recycling to the bins outside; scoop all three litter boxes and set the nasty, clutter filled office on fire, you will win the Achievement: YOUR HOUSE IS DISGUSTING AND YOU SHOULD HAVE CLEANED IT WEEKS AGO BUT GOOD JOB. It is the highest and hardest achievement to earn, and only 1% of those who play the game can boast of having achieved it.

DLC: The new DLC pack to the game includes organizing the closets. I have yet to download the extra content.

So, that’s us for the weekend. What about you? For those in the US enjoying the long Labor Day weekend, what else do you plan on doing besides playing games? Let us know so we can live vicariously through you.

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