Xbox Series S Gets a Massive Price Drop for Black Friday in the UK

Xbox Series S Gets a Massive Price Drop for Black Friday in the UK

Xbox Series S consoles have received a generous discount in the Black Friday sales, coming down to just £189.99 at both Amazon and Smyths Toys. We’ve already seen the Xbox Series S get a significant drop in price in the US, dropping to at least $249 at most retailers over the pond, and the UK hasn’t been too far behind in following suit.

If you compare the price of the new-gen consoles at the moment, Xbox Series X sits at £449, PS5 (disc) is £479, and PS5 (digital) is £389. And while it’s not new gen, it’s still certainly a competitor, as the Nintendo Switch still sits at £249, plus the Switch OLED is £319. With its current price of £189.99, the Xbox Series S is significantly cheaper than all these consoles, and by a large margin as well.

Xbox Series S Drops to £190 for Black Friday (UK)

Xbox Series S (512GB)

Black Friday

Xbox Series S (512GB)

Our favourite Black Friday deal so far.

At £189.99, that’s £60 off the original list price, and almost 25% off in total. This is seemingly looking like the perfect Black Friday purchase for any household, or even the perfect gift for an avid gamer in your life that hasn’t jumped on the Xbox hype train so far this year. Plus, if you need an extra controller, Xbox gamepads are down to just £34.99 right now as well (that’s £20 off).

Plus, it’s the perfect avenue to get access to all that Game Pass action on the cheap, it’s a win-win. But, this deal is set to expire by the end of Black Friday week, so take the plunge now if you’re interested in the Xbox Series S (see our review here).

Moreover, as a reminder, games like Starfield, Redfall, High on Life, Warhammer 40K: Darktide, Forza Motorsport, Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl, and plenty will be dropping on the Xbox Series S from now until the end of 2023, and you can play them all with Xbox Game Pass.

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